The VERO made in Italy

The Guaranted Authentic Italian products
your customers become protagonists in the purchase

The made in Italy products showcase  that allows the end user to buy VERO made in Italy products and verify their authenticity. By scanning the COLOR CODE you can access all information relating to the product you have purchased.
Through the manufacturer’s data you can contact him and speak in person if the product does not reflect your expectations or does not correspond to the information you receive through the color code and published by the seller.
Guarantee in the authenticity of the product that is VERO made in Italy: You will no longer have bad surprises: buy from an Italian product from an American or German e-commerce site and you will receive the goods from China, Thailand or Malaysia.
We with color code try in our small way to help Italian producers the real Italian craftsmen to defend themselves from unfair competition from counterfeiting.

The color code and is the right combination to promote the VERO made in Italy

On ITMADEIN.COM The showcase of the VERO made in Italy , You will receive the product from the Italian manufacturer and you can personally verify its authenticity

  • Production lot
  • Expiration date
  • Producer
  • Production date
  • Production place
  • raw materials used

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